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Storytelling for Analytical Leaders

Analytical, data-driven leaders build and provide stability to strong organizations. Their expertise in insurance, finance, accounting, technology, engineering and other disciplines powers revenue and profitability.

"Left-brained" leaders will often describe themselves as "boring," saying they give people "too much information" and lose the interest of their audiences. These leaders can be even more effective when their presentation of data is accompanied by clear, simple messages and compelling stories. 

To help analytical leaders develop more effective communications skills, we are offering a two-day course on engaging people and building trust.  John Millen and Kent Stroman will lead these sessions in a small group setting for an intimate communications growth experience.

John Millen is a keynote speaker, leader communications coach and author of The Leader Room blog.  John is coach to CEOs and other leaders throughout the world's leading organizations. Learn more about John.

Kent Stroman is a talented speaker, insightful advisor and effective communicator and author of Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising, a ground-breaking guide for securing major gifts. Learn more about Kent.



Objective:  The purpose of this workshop is to help analytical leaders develop more effective communications skills to engage and build trust with the audiences most important to their success.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn how to:
·      Begin and maintain engagement with audiences.
·      Build trust with audiences by engaging their hearts and minds.
·      Develop a personal leadership brand and presence.
·      Tell stories; unearth and collect their signature stories.
·      Communicate consistent messages through actions, body language and words.
·      Maintain audience engagement with varied tempos of contrasting energy and stimulus.
·      Prepare for questions and adapt to unexpected situations.

If you are interested in attending this course, or having us bring this course to your location, please contact us.