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Free Copy of The R Factor Leadership Guide

This free guide explains in detail the system used by Urban meyer and focus3 to win the national championship

In his new book on leadership, Above the Line, Urban Meyer attributes much of the team's success in winning the National Championship to develop a winning team culture. To develop that culture, Meyer worked with Focus3 Leadership Consultants Tim Kight and Brian Kight.

The R Factor discipline, which Focus3 developed, taught OSU players and coaches to respond to events in a positive way, or Above the Line. Focus3 uses a formula which teaches "Event + Response = Outcome." None of us have control over events, but we do have control over our responses to events, which will greatly influence the outcome. An above-the-line response is much more likely to produce a positive outcome. As a reminder, the team wore wristbands that read "E + R = O."

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