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Leadership Development for a Digital World

It's become harder than ever to lead in a digital-social world. With limited attention spans and fragmented communications, today leaders must build solid trust with key stakeholders to achieve results in an ever-changing, ambiguous world. We work with leaders on developing their skills, knowledge and accountability in leadership, communications and personal development. We are behavior and outcome focused to achieve growth and lasting change.


Presentation Skills Workshops & Coaching

Successful Presentations

Developing and delivering winning presentations  

Time: Options for 1 and 2 day workshops

Audience: New, emerging and mid-level leaders and teams; leaders seeking a refresher course.

This interactive workshop develops the essential public speaking and presentation skills of leaders and their teams while helping to build confidence and control anxiety. 


Tapping the power of storytelling, body language and other factors in influence

Time: Options for 1 and 2 day workshops

Audience: Senior leaders and teams, experienced public speakers and presenters

Focused on more experienced speakers, this interactive workshop gives advanced presenters deeper insights in the factors of influence, including storytelling, body language and other non-verbal behavior.   



Advanced Level Media interviewS

engaging national media or crisis situations  

Time: Options for 1 and 2 day workshops, and individual coaching.

Audience: Experienced leaders and media spokespersons; leaders and teams preparing for crisis.

Designed for higher-profile media interviews or crisis situations, this interactive workshop delves deeper into the nuances of media interviews, with more challenging simulated interviews, strategies and tactics.  

Effective media interviews

preparing to answer reporters' questions  

Time: Options for 1 and 2 day workshops, and individual coaching.

Audience: New or emerging leaders; first-time spokespersons; skills refresher for experienced spokespersons.

This interactive workshop teaches the fundamentals of media interviews including how to think like a reporter, create memorable messages and develop skills to answer difficult questions with poise.   



All of our workshops may be adapted for individual coaching. Our workshops require pre and post event work in order to customize the program to your team and organization, addressing your most important needs.  Our presentation and media skills training provides a blend of discussion and realistic simulation for participants. Through multiple, videotaped presentations or media interviews, they receive feedback and training on how to increase their effectiveness.

They also learn how to control anxiety, stay on message, and handle difficult questions. Participants will receive customized training materials, a personal videotape of their interviews and specific advice on improvement.